CNV Systems is a Vancouver based company with sub-operations in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Shenzhen - specializing in research engineering and production of high efficiency wireless multi-vital-sign sensors for remote health monitoring and preventive care applications.

Our international team of highly experienced researchers, product managers and business executives have decades of tech dev expertise, plus over 11 years in health wearable R&D and production experience.

With solid on-site operations throughout Asia, CNV offers full range turnkey capabilities, from micro sensor device development, through to mobile app and secure cloud server customer data processing. Our Hong Kong distribution hub provides excellent access to global logistics, component supply chains, and favorable tax status between mainland China and international markets.

Vancouver Operations

  • Planning and international management
  • Administrative head quarters
  • Technology design and research
  • Investor relations

Hong Kong Operations

  • Distribution logistics
  • Banking and transactions
  • Operations efficacy between Mainland China
  • Access efficiency to global market

Shenzhen Operations

  • WOFE compliancy
  • Direct factory and supplier management
  • Rapid production cycling
  • Platform for Mainland China markets

Taiwan Operations

  • Sensor micro electronics
  • Pre-release testing
  • Preliminary production
  • Platform for Taiwan markets

San Francisco Operations

  • Scientific theory
  • Micro systems design
  • FDA processing
  • Platform for North American markets