VST Sensor Engine

At the heart of CNV’s health hardware technologies is its multi-patent filed VST (vital sign tracker) Sensor Engine. Key to any health measuring device is the functionality and performance of the sensor structure utilized. The CNV research team ensured the sensor physics was top priority - upon which a range of quality devices and applications could be established.

Major engineering focus has been directed at core sensor electronics and optical design to ensure minimum size and power demand, together with maximum multi-sensor capability from the smallest skin contact footprint and lowest cost possible.

CNV’s VST Sensor Engine platform can be configured with the following simultaneous sensor output measurement options:

  • Heart Rate and Wave Form Tri-sensing:
    • Skin Contact PPG
    • Touch ECG
    • Wireless ECG
  • Pulse Transit Time
  • Galvanic Skin Response
  • 3 axis accelerometer & gyro motion analysis
  • Dual temperature, skin and ambient thermisters
  • SpO2

Based on these vital sign data measurements, a wide range of health and lifestyle indicators can be interpreted, such as:

  • Activities levels and motion classification
  • Cardiac performance
  • Steps and distance travelled
  • Stress and circadian rhythm cycles
  • Sleeping patterns and REM cycles
  • Preventive health management
  • Lifestyle routine optimization

Based on firmware and sample rate configuration, the VST Sensor platform can be tailored for applications directed to either consumer lifestyle, athletic, or FDA based medical remote monitor health applications.

Product Line

CNV has successfully commercialized the results from years of health wearable research and development and carefully produced the selected product line up to fill an ever growing health wearable market. With the modularized hardware and software framework, CNV can fast track the development of new products in unprecedented speed and accuracy.  

With years of product experience and manufacturing connections, CNV can compete against major industrial giants in product offerings and flexibility to adapt into the changing market demands. 

Health Smart Watch PCB Framework

This platform provides full featured smart health watch digital movement, engineered for low cost, turnkey PCB solutions suitable through a range of smart watch applications with combined health monitoring functions.

The design features ultra low power MCU, scalable storage up to 16 megabytes, high contrast reversible memory display support, internal USB charging, software key screen button touch, and supporting firmware, including; sensor management, signal processing algorithms, multi wireless data output protocols, and firmware boot loading.

Mini Band PCB Framework

This platform provides high efficiency digital movement with general smart watch function and health sensor capacity in very small form factor. The mini-band PCB framework supports USB 2.0, BT4, PPG heart sensing, temperature, activity accelerometry, scalable storage up to 16 megabytes, variable data transfer burst modes.

There are additional features and watch functions options, such as: beeper, vibration, USB charging, text and call display, and find me – in addition to seamless hardware and firmware sync with the VST Multi-sensor Engine.

Wireless Communications

CNV has modularized its PCB architecture to enable interchangeability of wireless communication formats integration with any of its dedicated PCB board designs; for health smart watches, mini-band health trackers, or remote medical monitor devices.

Wireless data transmission protocols include: BT2.1, BT4.0, WiFi, and GPRS, with USB connectivity included. Data throughput can be achieved via smart phones, computers, or WiFi - direct to our provided, or your own cloud server system.

Mobile Software

Our mobile app collects data from VST Sensor Engine based wearable devices, enabling smart phones to become advanced health, fitness, or lifestyle management terminals - monitoring user activities, workouts, sleep, and vital signs, to help make sense of personal data and achieve desired health goal outcomes.

Includes features such as:

  • Real time on-phone data stream viewing from the health smart watch
  • A range of heart and sleep metrics
  • Activity trending, heart rate trending, UV exposure, Skin temperature over time visualized in day and week views
  • Steps, distance, and calorie count
  • Customized activity goals

Cloud Server System

Output from sensor device platforms can be directed to standard cloud service systems, and retrieved cost effectively for a wide range of end user applications.

Key features include:

  • Data security - as top priority
  • Privacy - Any data required to stay private will remain that way. The sensitivity of health data is clearly understood, and the system provides users control of what data is assessable and who is able to view it.
  • Expandability - Our cloud based service is ready to grow with scalable architecture and performance reliability.
  • Standardization - Our system employs data standards and health metrics used by many industry leaders and medical groups.